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Would your business benefit from an extra pair of hands?

by Andrea Moody If you are running your own business, you wear a lot of hats. Being torn in so many directions may mean that working on your business takes a back seat. This is a mistake, as your business won’t grow unless you set sometime aside to work on new business ideas and strategies. […]

Controlling your Credit Cards

by Gail McTaggart In the current climate, many people are aiming to reduce or eliminate their credit card bills – but this isn’t as easy in reality, especially if you aren’t 100 per cent sure what you owe or how many credit cards you have. Credit cards don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, […]

Smash that stress out of your life

by Carolyn King We all have different types of stress bombarding our lives, but as entrepreneurs the stress can be compounding because there are so many other things we are juggling. How will I find new clients? How do I keep my current clients happy? How do I create new content? How do I keep […]

Paper vs electronic diary/planner

by Ildi Racz Every year at the end of the year I have this struggle… Do I go electronic this year or stick with the good old paper diary/planner. Well, let’s stick to planners as name, some of you know why I like using planners versus diaries. Some, while reading will straight grunt and think […]

To travel on a full service or low cost airline?

by Nicole Edgar One of the biggest changes in recent years within the travel industry has been the rise of low-cost/budget/no-frills airlines. Whether you are planning to fly within Australia or internationally, flying has never been cheaper. These carriers characteristically offer lower airfares and fewer inclusions than their ‘full service’ competitors: no frequent flyer points, […]

Christmas Bookkeeping

by Gail McTaggart Sticking to a budget is hard enough during the year, but even more so during the festive season. Effective Christmas book keeping is the best way to ensure you stay within your financial limits. List everyone for whom you want to buy gifts and the amount you want to spend. Be sure […]