Podcasting with Annemarie Cross

November 7, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Waterman Business Centre
64 Victor Cres
Narre Warren VIC 3805
$15 - $30
Sue McCoy

How to Build Brand Awareness, Become Known as a Thought Leader in Your Industry, and Continue to Generate Leads & Enquiries with Your Own Podcast Series

Podcast popularity is rising. Learn how a well-conceived podcast can position you as a Thought Leader in your industry, while continue to be an effective, convenient and intimate way to connect with your audience. 

It’s no longer enough to produce content and hope for the best, but vital to consider how your podcast (or podcast series) can cut through the noise, deliver real value, and continue to build ongoing relationships with your clients, prospects and key stakeholders. 

  • How to address two unhelpful Mindsets that’ll stop you from building your Thought Leadership; 
  • Why Podcasting is cutting through the noise of a cluttered marketplace and supporting businesses in building brand awareness; 
  • Benefits of a Podcast vs Video vs Blog Posts: which is better when it comes to building a deeper level of engagement and why;
  • 3 Key Strategies to Become a Thought Leader – which many coaches and consultants fail to achieve.

About Annemarie

With over two decades in the Personal Branding and Communications industry, (specifically digital/online marketing), along with 9 years’ experience in podcasting – Annemarie helps clients – who are Disruptors, Innovators and Game Changers cut through the noise of a cluttered marketplace with a podcast, so they can stand out, be heard and finally become an influential voice in their industry.

Annemarie started her first podcast in 2008 to be the voice of inspiration and hope amongst the deluge of ‘doom and gloom’ being portrayed across all traditional media channels after the Global Financial Crisis devastated families wsorldwide. 

Nine years on, (and dubbed “The Podcasting Queen” by her guests, clients and colleagues), she strives to be the voice of inspiration in her award-winning business- and leadership-focused podcasts, and the podcasts she hosts and produces for her global clientele through her media company – Communicate Now Pty Ltd.