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Networking Bingo & Time Management with Ildi Racz @ Waterman Business Centre, Level 1 Training Room,
Feb 7 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Networking bingo is a fun and interactive way to kick off 2018 and network!  Think of normal bingo, but substitute the numbers for business cards. The group will be given an allotted time (up to 30mins) to network & swap biz cards.  Find people you haven’t met first and talk for one minute each about your businesses & swap biz cards. Then move onto the next person, & so on. At the end of 30 minutes, each person should have 15 new biz cards. They will be put onto a bingo sheet with blu tac & each person will be given stickers.  We will explain the rules, draw biz cards out of a bowl, and the first to yell out bingo wins. We may have a few draws/games, eg. Diagonal, vertical, horizontal & all.


Our Time Management presentation:

When you feel like …

  • there are not enough hours in a week,
  • you are constantly working,
  • you are not good at planning,
  • or staying on target with your Goals and achieving your goals is a challenge,

then come along to our February Networking night and make 2018 a DO and ACHIEVE year!

Learn some handy tips and tricks on how to balance life and business, and achieve your goals.

About Ildi

Ildi is a busy mum of two beautiful teenage girls. Her journey in the world of entrepreneurship started early in her teens she always was onto creating and growing a business. With more than 10 years in her own cartographical business, ten years ago she landed in Australia from Hungary. Raising two kids in this beautiful country brought out even more the entrepreneurship.

Soon she joined Nature Direct and she is still an active Independent distributor changing the world one step at a time by bringing this amazing natural cleaning product range into your homes.

But she also became a time management specialist and created an amazing small business tool the Antplanner, a planner/diary to help small businesses not just set goals but achieve them through careful planning.

KISS to Sell with with Frances Pratt @ Waterman Business Centre
Mar 7 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

People hate selling because they don’t understand how to do it.  They do a bad job and then think that is what sales are …  Fran is here to teach you otherwise.

If phrases like “close that sale” make you sweat then it’s time to change the way you approach selling.

Selling isn’t a performance and it isn’t manipulation. Selling is simply a matter of helping people buy.  The KISS to Sell program will blow away your myths about sales and show you how to engage with your clients in a more profitable and meaningful way.

When you can connect your client’s needs with your passion, more sales will follow. Simple!


About Frances

In addition to my sales work for other businesses I have completed a Graduate Certificate in Change Management and an MBA from Melbourne Business School. Coupled with my hands on sales experience, I have a toolbox of sales techniques I draw on to help businesses to understand themselves and their customers.

As a business owner and company director, I understand the pressures of juggling cash flow, staffing and business administration, and often you’re the only person making it all work.

KISS to Sell is jargon-free online sales training program designed specifically for non-sales people. It can help you improve your sales performance by changing the way you think about selling.

You could be this speaker @ Waterman Business Centre, Training Room, level 1
Apr 4 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

You could be the guest speaker – contact us to ask how!

Unstoppable Freedom with Kerry Anne Nelson @ Waterman Business Centre
May 2 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Unstoppable Freedom is following your deepest passions without limits in your business.

Often this ideal is easier said than done, with daily constraints squeezing out our potential for business expansion. It’s one thing to know what we want in business, but it’s another thing entirely to know how to get there.

For us to enjoy the benefits of exponential business growth, we need a daily plan. We need to know the practical steps that will offer sustainable pathways to more lucrative outcomes.

Through Kerry Anne’s talk you will learn how to:

  • Stop wasting time on work that doesn’t work
  • Target business growth strategies that give you more bang for your buck

Make more time and money from your time and money.

About Kerry

Kerry Anne Nelson is a mum of two adult kids, an entrepreneur and CEO, and an educator who’s taught in primary, secondary, tertiary and special education settings for nearly a decade. For over twenty years Kerry Anne has built businesses in service & retail fields, across several traditional bricks and mortar settings, as well as various online spaces. She loves managing teams, resources, and projects towards strategic, long term growth.

On the 28th May 2014 Kerry Anne Nelson returned from working in her family business to find her husband had passed away unexpectedly in their family home. The very next day Kerry Anne realised that everything boiled down to this one question: “Do I let my passion die with him, or do I follow it with everything I have?”

Since then Kerry Anne has invested everything she has into her mission. She ended up selling the business she used to share with her husband to make space for the purpose she felt called to. These days, Kerry Anne is a speaker, author, coach and event organiser committed to only one thing. Kerry Anne Nelson helps people to find and follow their passion. The years of experience she has in business, education, event management and team leadership have set Kerry Anne up for wins that seem almost instant. When it comes to inspiring people and teaching them how to follow their passion, Kerry Anne is the overnight success who has actually been twenty years in the making


Hope Is Not A Strategy … Forecast Your Way To Success with David Howells @ Waterman Business Centre
Jun 6 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

This one hour, anecdote-filled mini-masterclass will set you up for your best ever business results.

You’ll learn the secrets to HOW to achieve the results you are dreaming of, instead of HOPING you’ll achieve them. You’ll see real, current case studies across a diverse range of small businesses just like yours; from  owners who have turned average into outstanding. 

Learn dynamic, easy-to-use business forecasting that will put you in complete control of your business growth and profitability …. and put fun and enjoyment back into your businesses.

You’ll get the strategies they’ve adopted and access to the tools they are using to deliver year-on-year growth. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, you’ll love this masterclass.

About David

David Howells is so much more than a business coach. More like a wise old owl in business. After building his own highly successful import and wholesaling business from zero to $16million in just three years and launching brands like SpaceBag and AeroBed onto the Australian market, he now helps established small business owners build their business, boost their profits and enjoy life along the way. Think a fun loving business consultant, mentor, wise business guide, accountability buddy and someone who has your back every step of the way, all rolled into one … and that’s David to a tee.

Connecting & Communicating with Jayne Albiston @ Waterman Business Centre
Jul 4 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

About Jayne

Co-founder of PlusOne Dynamics and an Australasian Professional Business network, international trainer, speaker, certified iMA Practitioner, author and co-creator of workshops and professional development resources, lifelong lover of international travel, wine and chocolate.

Jayne is on a mission to inspire solutions through international business development and to help others network and connect effectively and to ensure not-for-profits and corporates build strong, resilient teams which achieve their goals.

Half Australian and Half Kiwi, Jayne spent her formative years in New Zealand before embarking on a life that has seen her travel to over 25 countries including living in Austria, Canada and Poland. Jayne graduated from Auckland University with a BA Double Major in Sociology and English Literature and a Post Graduate Diploma in Sociology. She spent years in the international education, work and travel industry starting out teaching ESOL and then moving through the ranks to Business Development and International Business Senior Management. The markets she has worked with include but are not limited to: Europe, Russia, the UK, the USA, Canada, South Africa, The Middle East, India, China, Japan and Korea.

PlusOne Dynamics was established in 2012 to inspire, create and deliver effective solutions to people, teams and businesses that build connectivity, communication and engagement and produce tangible results. The vision is to have a global impact on people and their businesses.

Through their passion, expertise and drive Jayne and the PlusOne Dynamics team aim to become a partner of choice for those looking to connect more effectively, communicate with more clarity and to strategically build engaging networks and teams. They assist SMES, corporates and not for profits with expanding their online and offline networks by delivering workshops and effective networking strategies combined with team building focused on the differences in peoples’ preferred communication styles using the iMA framework.

Personally, Jayne is driven by her own core values of authenticity, professionalism, results, passion and consistency. She is committed to making sure her choice to be inspiring, to maintain an optimistic frame of mind, to be engaging, compelling and consistent across all platforms, translates into true professionalism and the best results for those she partners with. Jayne lives between Australia and New Zealand and is the mother of 5 amazing young adults.

Understanding Your Profit Drivers with Andrea Moody + AGM @ Waterman Business Centre
Aug 1 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Understanding Your Profit Drivers Is Critical To Business Success – One of the toughest challenges small business owners face is learning how to manage financial performance. Business owners often think that great financial results just “happen,” but that is seldom the case. Some do get lucky sometimes, but success usually comes to those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do the hard yards.

Successful businesses achieve consistent profitability because they know the critical factors that drive their profitability and work relentlessly on those areas of the business.

For most businesses, there are three major profit drivers:

1) revenue,

2) variable costs (i.e. those costs that vary in direct proportion to revenue) and

3) fixed costs (or overhead).

Which leads to an interesting question: do all of these drivers have the same impact on profit? 

About Andrea

Andrea was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1967 and migrated to Australia with her family in the early eighties.  She now lives in Melbourne with her husband and two sons.

After graduating from Monash University with a Bachelor of Business she went on to become a qualified Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA).  Andrea is also a qualified business trainer, coach and mentor Australia wide.

She commenced her career as an Auditor for the Australian Government followed by various management roles in the hospitality, beauty and fitness industries. In 1995 she went on to become a successful business owner in the automotive parts sector. Her role as financial controller contributed to the growth and sustainability of the business which was on sold to a major automotive company in 2013.

After spending the last few years managing a team of 54 people across 3 states, Andrea decided to go out on her own so she could focus on her passion for teaching. Through her business coaching and training seminars, Andrea has been able to apply her extensive business knowledge to assist business owners get unstuck. She is passionate about helping businesses succeed and she is all about actionable initiatives and sustainable results.

In her spare time, Andrea loves to read books, go for long walks and cycle with her husband.

To learn more about Andrea and her business, go to or follow Andrea on Facebook @ Andrea Moody Pathways to Success.

ROAR in the Social Media Jungle to get business with Nicole Saunders @ Waterman Business Centre
Sep 5 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

In this workshop you will learn the latest social media strategies, tactics and lead generation campaigns that will to grow your business and make sales.

Discover the five step TIGER process.

  • Step One: To take stalk – Preparing
  • Step Two: Investigate position and data collection, needs
  • Step Three: Ground work needing to be undertaken to grow business
  • Step Four: Execution and engagement
  • Step Five: Results and relationship building, online and offline.

Under the social media strategies provided you will also learn the latest video marketing model to attract, connect and engage clients. 


About Nicole

Nicole Saunders also known as the Queen of the Jungle & female version of Tarzan, is a veteran of creating and managing digital content to build relationships and implement lead generation tactics & strategies for over 20 years for organisations and professionals.

She is also passionate about current and future digital marketing trends.

A socialite at heart, frequent traveller, adventurous and curious by nature Nicole is committed and determined to see Tiny and Small Australian businesses Play like the BIG Players who are already doing it on Social Media with her 360 degree approach to Get Business and make Sales online by having the right team who are specialised and experienced.

Nicole is the Owner/Founder of The Digital Marketing Coach empowering Australian businesses specifically female entrepreneurs, women-in-business and professionals to Grow & ROAR on Social Media to Get Business and make Sales in a fun and adventurous way with her 5 Step T.I.G.E.R Process Strategy that gives businesses a 1 year detailed lead generation, marketing campaign & social media management & coaching strategy for Australian businesses.

Prior to starting The Digital Marketing Coach she was a Digital Marketing Entrepreneur helping business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals embrace the power of social media, website creation and effectively delegate to an international virtual marketing department.

She also served as a Web Content Development Manager at Royal District Nursing successfully deploying 2 x websites and an Intranet for over 1500 employees, was a User acceptance tester and rolling out mobile computing for 1500 nurses.

She has a strong working joint venture relationship as a Business Development Consultant & Lead Digital Marketing Strategist in Australia for Scion Social an International leading digital marketing company that handles digital marketing accounts like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker and Jack Canfield.

She also has a strong business joint venture relationship with kwikTV – Australia’s only business to ever be part of the Microsoft Accelerator Program that produces short stackable videos for lead generation in USA and now in Australia for businesses.

Nicole thrives on taking on new and challenging roles, always looking for ways to do things in a better way to increase productivity and is very creative and innovative in her approach.

Her Mission is to help 10,000 Australian businesses grow by 10x by leveraging the power of digital media marketing.

How to build an EXTRAordinary reputation with Ros Weadman @ Waterman Business Centre, Level 1 Training Room,
Oct 3 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Many business owners focus their efforts on short-term needs – getting more leads, making more sales, increasing cash flow. That’s understandable because you need sales and cashflow to survive. However, whether you realise it or not, while you are conducting your daily business, your reputation is being formed—in the minds of your employees, your customers and the general public.

Your reputation is people’s perception of your business. While you won’t find reputation at the bottom of the profit and loss statement, it absolutely affects your profitability.

Reputation influences a person’s decision to buy your product or service, refer you to others, work for you, sponsor you or volunteer for you. Care for your reputation like you care for marketing, sales and cashflow, and you’ll carve a pathway to long-lasting business success.

After more than 30 years working in professional communication, I have come to believe that an organisation’s internal culture, brand communication and customer experience, are inextricably linked. These three elements work together to create your reputation, which, at the end of the day, is the sum total of what employees, customers and the general public think and say about you.

A bad reputation has widespread implications. It manifests in reduced employee productivity and morale, negative reviews on social media, an increase in customer complaints, and diminished trust, to name a few.

A great reputation gives the exact opposite. When there is trust and goodwill in your brand, you’ll have staff who think, speak and act in line with your vision, mission and core values, increased customer loyalty and engagement, a more positive public profile, stronger stakeholder relationships and a more profitable and sustainable business.

Through my unique Reputation Equation™ model, I help businesses forge a greater alignment between their organisational culture, brand communication and customer experience. It’s this alignment that builds them an EXTRAordinary reputation.

About Ros

Ros Weadman FPRIA is a leading authority on brand visibility, communication and reputation.

A national and state award-winning marketing and public relations professional with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Ros draws on her specialist knowledge and expertise to design and deliver tailored consulting services, training and coaching programs to business and government.

Ros has extensive experience in developing strategic marketing plans, branding strategies and PR campaigns.

A professional writer, Ros is the author of BRANDcode®, a practical marketing guide for business owners. She has also written thousands of online and offline marketing resources, media releases and speeches, including for the Premier of Victoria.

Ros has exceptional experience in media and issues management. She has provided high-level communications and media advice to executives and political leaders, and has led crisis communications teams responding to some of Australia’s highest profile incidents and issues, including the Cranbourne Methane Gas crisis (2008), Black Saturday fires (2009), Springvale Salmonella outbreak (1997) and Victorian Gas crisis (1998).

Since establishing Melbourne PR & Marketing in 2011, Ros has delivered strategic communications advice and plans, advocacy, project management, copywriting, training, coaching and other consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses as well as government organisations.

Ros is tertiary qualified in professional communication, business management, psychology and secondary education, is accredited with the International Association for Public Participation and is an accredited consultant / trainer of Extended DISC diagnostic tool.

Ros is a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia.

Surprise Guest Speaker @ Waterman Business Centre
Nov 7 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Your business here!

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