Together we are...

making waves.

making it happen.

making it work!

Our network encourages and supports people in business from all industry
sectors so they can further develop their business skills, grow their
businesses, and create new business opportunities and relationships.

Meet Kay,

Send out Cards

Send out Cards

Send out Cards

Customer Appreciation and Retention System. Sendoutcards is system tool that can be used on your phone. tablet or computer. It is affordable and no lock in contracts.
It will help you grow your business, touch base with your customers to grow your referrals.
It is more affordable to look after your current customers, than finding new ones all the time.
There are many different packages which can suit a small budget to a large organisational budget.
Pay as you go, and enjoy the online card Appreciation tool. Send a free card on me.



We promote, network, educate, inspire,

and support business people for the better of

their businesses and the communities they influence.

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About Us

Women Making it Work is an exciting not-for-profit business network across the region of Casey and Cardinia

Our Members

Our members come from all walks of life. 

Photographers, Accountants, Coaches, Make-up artists and much more.

We’re not restricted by business type or multiple professions – the more the merrier!

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