Smash that stress out of your life

by Carolyn King

We all have different types of stress bombarding our lives, but as entrepreneurs the stress can be compounding because there are so many other things we are juggling.

How will I find new clients?

How do I keep my current clients happy?

How do I create new content?

How do I keep up with all this technology?

How do I network?

Who can help me?

How can I afford to get this all done?

And on a personal note:

When will I find time to get to the gym?

How do I find the time to eat healthy?

When can I find time to catch up with family / friends?


So many tasks to get through, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. Stress builds and over time takes its toll on our health. Yes, stress hurts our bodies and this damage is accumulative, meaning it builds over time. Slowly creating tension in our muscles, tightness in our minds and decreasing our immune system. But it’s never too late to learn strategies to help alleviate stress and heal the damage to our bodies. So make a decision to start today!



The first thing to remember is that you cannot compromise on sleep. Good quality sleep is a must for both the health of our bodies, the health of our mind and the health of our mental state, and therefore the health of our business. Too often we think we need to stay up to all hours trying to finish programs and working on content. But tiredness causes us to make mistakes, not think clearly and make poor choices affecting our health and our minds.

A good night’s sleep helps to create a sharp, creative mind that enables us to complete tasks more quickly and in a creative way. And when you have a clearer mind you make better choices. You will say YES when you want to and NO when you need to. Which brings me to the next point to consider…



Too often in business we are taught to say yes to every opportunity that crosses our path. If we say yes, then we will get our name “out there” more and more business will come flowing into our business. But saying yes, before really considering if you have the time and energy to follow through can be damaging.

Saying yes, and then throwing something together just to get it out there can be damaging to your reputation and do more harm than good. Saying yes to opportunities that don’t align with what you are doing also takes your energy away from what you should be doing. So consider carefully before you say yes or no. If you always find yourself saying yes, and then regretting it later, start off by saying, “I just need to check my diary. Can I get back to you in a few days?” And then just sit with it for a few days. Our time is precious so make sure you take the time to really consider if you want to say yes.



As someone whose mind often doesn’t shut off I find that I need to create different lists for different things. Otherwise the stress of holding onto all the thoughts and ideas would paralyse me. I use a free program called Evernote and I have so many different lists in there that when an idea comes to me I type it in there so I can go back to it when I need to.

Some of the lists I have created are:

  • Workshop ideas
  • Facebook Group Posts
  • Blog ideas
  • Program ideas

You get the picture. You can also cut and paste notes from other places and put links to websites if you want to keep the link for later use.



Too often we think we are too busy to find time to meditate but calming the mind, breathing and taking time out are invaluable to our mind and body. We need time to reset and allow the body to rest and heal. There are so many meditations out there that I’m sure you can find one that you like. And if you get stuck, let me know. I would love to help you.



Working hard means that you also need to rest hard… well that’s what I say! Rest hard means REALLY resting. Take time out from social media and get out in nature. Go for a walk, spend time at the beach or in the mountains. Spend time wherever you feel you can disconnect from technology and reconnect with yourself.

A renewed sense of self helps the mind to reset and creativity kicks in. A win win all round!



Essential oils affect the body the minute you inhale it. Studies have shown the immediate impact oils can have on brain activity. Oils like peppermint are great to increase energy and give your creative side a boost. Lavender oil is fantastic when you want to calm the mind ready for bed or meditation.

Find an oil that works for you. As individuals there may be oils that your friend loves but you don’t like so much. That’s ok. Find an oil that you do like and that does help you and go with it.



So there are my tips on smashing stress out of your life. Why not give these tips a go? I would love to hear how you go so feel free to send me an email or message.

And if you want more tips I would love for you to join my Happiness Movement on Facebook. Every Wednesday I share a video on how Kinesiology can help in your life as well as other tips and techniques you can use in your daily life!

And remember, Happiness Starts with a Smile & Empowerment Starts with a Choice!


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