Build Confidence & Empower You – Meet the February Panellists

Our Women Making It Work Networking Night series in 2020 is all about you.


The first in our series, Build Confidence & Empower You, is a lively and interactive panel discussion, exploring the essence of confidence – where it comes from, how to grow it, the difference between egoic confidence and humble confidence, and how to overcome imposter syndrome! As we grow our businesses, we stretch into new territory. That takes confidence – so the panel discussion will dive deep into the incredible minds of three extraordinary business women and how they’ve navigated confidence to achieve new heights in their businesses and careers. 

Meet our three fabulous panellists, Helen Storr, Renée Giarrusso and Shelley Flett.

Helen Storr

Helen is an experienced coach, facilitator and trainer who has worked successfully with individuals, groups and organisations. She is a talented intuitive coach who has the ability to allow all her clients to reach their full potential. Her extensive experience as an educator over 37 years, including Teacher, Principal and Regional Leader has provided her with a thorough understanding of how people learn and she has been able to use this knowledge in her training, coaching and facilitating opportunities.

Through Helen’s extensive experience in both education and the coaching profession she truly believes everyone has the resources within to be the best self they can be, given the optimum environmental conditions. She is passionate about supporting and providing a safe, secure environment which enables and empowers individuals and teams to explore different perspectives and options and create appropriate actions to allow them to move forward in a positive way; maximizing their potential. Helen brings a high level of creativity, compassion and courage to her practice encouraging clients to do the same.

Helen’s motto is “I Dare to Be Different: I work with Creativity, Compassion and Courage”.

Three insights into Helen:

# A born and bred educator disruptor, 37 years as an educator as a teacher, principal and regional trainer, supporting and developing students, staff and parents. Helen’s passion was working in areas of high need such as low socio economic, multicultural and disabilities needs environments.

# Achievements are matriarch of an amazing family unit, amazing leader and team player, caring friend and connector of people, positive growth mindset thinker, travel planner (does all her own planning of travels), various academic achievements including Masters of Ed, Leadership and Management, Professional Certified Coach – International Coach Federation (ICF), a Small Business Owner and her education career, Enrichment Speaker on Cruise Ships, Past President of ICF – Victorian Branch.

# Her vision is to educate and develop our young people’s thinking to focus on their world in a positive, solution focussed way. Where they can think ‘what I can do to make a difference’ instead of blaming others for where we are. To acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate what they have and find a way to leave their positive fingerprint on their world, however big or small.

Connect with Helen:

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Renée Giarrusso

Renée has always been fascinated with people and human behaviour. She loves the diversity of people’s perspectives and insights and it led her to be on a continual learning journey and has never stopped studying! She embarked on studying coaching, facilitation and NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) whilst in a people-management role and found the learnings and results so astounding, Renée wanted to share them with everyone!

In Renée’s corporate life she knew what it was like to be part of a passionate and committed team and this is something she looks to continually share and instil in the teams she coaches, trains and develops. Specialising in executive coaching, consulting, speaking and facilitated workshops, her key focus areas include leadership, communication, sales effectiveness, transition and coaching.

With over 15 years in senior management and sales roles within FMCG, she has a great understanding of the needs of executives and leaders to perform at their peak, and knows well the day-to-day pressures that can be put on individuals to perform and the amazing benefits that self-development can provide to combat this. Renée is a senior iWAM consultant and Advanced Practitioner, a tool that enhances the coaching process within team building workshops and can also model high performers in a role and be used as a blueprint during recruitment, coaching and succession planning.

Renée is a member of the ICF and has been an ICF Credentialed Certified Coach and NLP practitioner for over twelve years. In 2016 she published Limitless Leadership, a practical guide for exploring where you are at, and what you need to do and think about to lead for even more success.

Insights into Renée:

# Her vision for the future is to continue to energise the mindset and performance of others to realise that whatever they want to achieve is limitless.

Connect with Renee:

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Shelley Flett

Shelley Flett is an expert in leadership development and team performance. She has successfully operated her own consulting practice since 2015 after more than 13 years working as a leader in various roles across customer service and operations.

Passionate about maximising efficiency and building high performance team cultures in organisations of any size, her work gives her exposure and experience to businesses across a wide variety of industries including banking, telecommunications, government, local council, critical infrastructure, engineering, hair & beauty, trades, insurance, marketing, travel and retail. Some of the larger clients she has worked with include TAC, VisionStream, Toyota, ANZ, Westpac, NAB, Auscontact, Business Chicks, Vicinity Centres and ARC Group.

Shelley has authored two books The Direction Dilemma – why knowing what you want makes you a better leader and more recently, The Dynamic Leader – become the leader others are inspired to follow. She is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, an accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and trained in Human Centred Design. Her values in business include growth, delivering results, sharing wisdom, helping others, fulfilling a purpose, and having fun.

Three insights into Shelley:

# She grew up on a dairy farm and orange orchard, worked in a number of different industries including manufacturing, hospitality, telecommunications and banking and lived in five different countries.

# Greatest achievements are her three children, Luis, Riley and Eva. Shelley’s business is her next greatest achievement which has been growing and evolving since 2015.

# Her vision for the future is to create a world where we actively inspire and elevate those around us, without judgement and with complete compassion and confidence.

Connect with Shelley:
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