Is Anybody Listening? – Meet Our June Guest Speaker

Our Women Making It Work Networking Night series in 2020 is all about you.


Our June Networking series event, Is Anybody Listening?, is an opportunity to listen and learn from Sue Mathieson to help you to discover how to present in a way that is congruent with exactly who you are. 

Being able to effectively market and promote our business is a key component to its success. In today’s digital world we do that through Facebook lives, webinars, podcasts and workshops….all of which require speaking. Yet for many of us, we would rather die than speak in front of a camera or to a live audience. 

Meet our fabulous guest speaker in June, Sue Mathieson.

Sue Mathieson

Sue Mathieson brings together life experience and learning in a captivating manner. She takes you on a journey which allows you to discover your own lessons and be able to apply them. She provides practical tools that are easily implemented. 

When Sue was told that she was under constant trauma and at risk of a heart attack or stroke, she made a decision to take action and get clinical help. Admitting that she was suffering severe depression was challenging. However, the drive to be the best possible mum, daughter, friend and business woman was stronger. 

Sue went on to overcome the depression, re-invent herself and return to her career. In May 2017, Sue took the courageous step of leaving her corporate role and commenced her own business. She wants to be able to take her experiences of personal growth and her learnings of what works and what doesn’t work when running a business, to inspire others. 

Sue has come to understand the link between contemporary science and ancient wisdom. Applying this to her own personal experience she is able to assist senior business leaders in bringing greater wisdom into their decision-making and action taking. This is turn facilitates transformation, creates sustainability and leaves a positive legacy. 

Three insights into Sue:

# As part of a 30+ year corporate financial career, Sue spent time in mining, manufacturing and healthcare. In May 2017 she embarked on a consulting career. Over the past three years she has invested heavily in her personal development, become a published author and taken up her passion for speaking. Sue is currently a non-executive director for Foundation Learning Centre and is a certifiemBIT (mBraining) coach.

# Achievements include contributing author to four books – I Said YES, Spiritual Conversations, Intrepid Women and Think Big, speaker and ambassador for Beyond Blue, current President of Berwick Toastmasters, Non-Executive Director for Foundation Learning Centre.

# Her vision for the future is to transform business leaders and the organisations they lead, enabling them to leave a positive imprint on our future.

Connect with Sue:

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