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Kay Vrieze

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Today my Global online business is in a massive growth circle, because it is the PRODUCT for a better future. It is all about recognizing people and their worth, it is about saying thank you. Fancy getting paid to be nice to people.

The System has now moved onto the API (Application Programming Interface) Technology and this will allow Sendoutcards to sync with the top Contact Relationship Marketing (CRM) tools on the market. API is the interface implemented by an application which allows other applications to communicate with it. This becomes significant, because it means that Sendoutcards can play in the same sandbox with Customer Relationship Management (CRM programs. API enables us to be the Premier follow-up system for CRMs!. Also for each country we expand into, our new Global API will allow us to integrate with printers all over the world, which will make global expansion possible.

Here is what makes SendOutCards different from ALL other Social Media platforms. With everything else,you can Share it, Tag it, Like it, Pin it, or Save it... and only SendOutcards will enable you to SEND IT!....... Wow.... Do you know what this can do for your business.

My team is strong and it is all because I can balance individual needs with my business needs.

Remember, people drive your business, not paper work or money! Once you recognize this you will have abundance. I can help you to drive your business.I know what people WANT to receive.

Let me show you how to look after your current customers, build your customer base with referrals and grow your business.

I am fortunate to have had a wonderful working life, engaging with people from all walks of life and the one thing I have enjoyed is listening and hearing their stories. I am richer for this engagement and the people I have met.

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