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The travel bug is contagious. Everybody loves to talk about travel and an upcoming, planned holiday. A holiday is something that you always look forward to, and it’s something that you look back on with fond memories.

However, planning and booking a trip can be very daunting and overwhelming task, because ‘travel’ is the big unknown. Think about it – ‘travel’ is totally unique to anything else that you can buy. Travel is intangible – you can’t see it, taste it, smell it, touch it or sample it. You can only imagine, dream and envisage what your perfect holiday will be like. Unlike any other product or service that you can buy, you don’t reap the benefits and get to experience your travel purchase, until weeks, months or even years later.

You place a lot of trust in getting everything about this next trip done perfectly, from the start. After all, you’ve worked hard all year to earn yourself a well-deserved holiday, and you’ve worked hard all year to save up for your dream holiday, so don’t risk losing your holiday savings, plus all of your dreams and big expectations to a dodgy website, or waste any more time searching and comparing countless websites and online reviews.

There is only one trip advisor that you need to use – me! Having over 25+ years of travel industry experience, and having personally travelled to over 40 countries, I know how to research and plan your perfect holiday. Think of me, being your Personal Travel Manager, the way you’d think of your personal trainer or financial planner – there to help you achieve a specific goal in their field of expertise. In my case, it’s travel.

I realise that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter type of holiday. I’ll save you time searching online, comparing reviews and numerous opinions, plus your money is totally safe with TravelManagers, unlike some dodgy online websites and operators! Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, I will work closely with you to create a tailor-made dream holiday that’s every bit “as individual as you are”, and is perfectly suited to you!

Being mobile, I can meet up with you, at a time and place convenient to you – your home, your work, in a cafe or in a restaurant! No longer do you need to wait during business hours, in busy shopfront travel agencies, tolerating their constant interruptions and multiple staff – you only have one travel expert – me – from start to finish, who knows your entire booking history.

So, when you are looking back through all of your holiday photos with fond memories, as your Personal Travel Manager, I cherish the fact that I played a part in creating those positive memories for you. My goal is to enhance your overall travel experience, so that your entire journey is more than just your actual holiday. And the best part of my job? I can tell you all ‘where to go’, and not get in trouble for it!

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