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Linda Wilson

Dr Linda Wilson

Dr Linda Wilson is a Stress Management Specialist, Author, Trainer and Presenter who understands that recognising and embracing our capacities changes our world. Linda supports corporates and individuals to better identify, understand and manage 'thinking' to accelerate growth and expansion. Staying in the question of 'What else is Possible?' and 'Who do I choose to be today to grow?' are two of Linda's favourite questions.
Linda’s work is informed by her degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Graduate Diploma in Education (Health), multiple studies into other modalities and philosophies of healing and 18 years clinical experience in her multi-modality wellness practice in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne.
Linda's book 'Stress Made Easy - Peeling Women off the Ceiling' was written to bridge the gap between what we experience of our life and what we have the potential to create (Available at www.drlindawilson.com).
Linda teaches and lives what she is most passionate about and considers herself extremely privileged to do so. Her dream is to continue to expand the possibilities in her own world and the world of her children, family, friends and clients.

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