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Linda Wilson

Dr Linda Wilson

Dr Linda Wilson has been coaching individuals and groups for over 20 years. She has been a Managing Director of her clinic for the same period. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a Graduate Diploma in Education (Health), has completed extensive study in psychosensory techniques and uses psychological and neuroplastic principles to facilitate change. Linda delivers programs which provide tools for individuals and teams to accelerate growth and create success.

In Linda's complimentary 'Foundations for a Growth Mindset' presentation you will learn how to:
1. Create Accelerated Movement toward Success
2. Avoid The Failure Cycle
3. Break the 3 Anchors of Procrastination
4. Increase belief, expectation and
achievement through Goal Reframing
5. Recognise the Negative Magnetism of
the Past
6. Understand you have up to 60,000
Opportunities to Change every day
7. Draw on a Compelling Vision of the
future to use right now

In Linda's complimentary 'Habits Based Intervention' program you will learn how to:
1. Understand how to break negative habits
2. Make new more positive habits
3. Understand the emotions that drive your habits and how to change them
4. Recognise why change is so hard
5. Determine goals that support your health and wellbeing
And much more.
Get in touch to book your complimentary session now on 0412 568 503.

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People are a businesses greatest asset. When we understand 'how' we work we have far greater capacity to improve, succeed, be happy and healthy. Bring me in to help your people thrive. I would love to chat about how I can help your business succeed.

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