Overcome Procrastination & Empower You – Meet our March Guest Speaker

Our Women Making It Work Networking Night series in 2020 is all about you.


The second in our series, Overcome Procrastination & Empower You, is an opportunity to listen and learn from Dr Linda Wilson for an insightful presentation on how you can overcome procrastination and empower yourself in business. Procrastination is a human condition! Linda has never met anyone who hasn’t suffered from some serious procrastination in their lives. In Dr Linda Wilsons’ presentation you will learn why we procrastinate and what procrastination reveals about our emotional state. 

Meet our fabulous guest speaker in March, Dr Linda Wilson.

Dr Linda Wilson

Dr Linda Wilson helps organisations develop Growth Focused People. Supporting individuals to identify their version of success is how a business can harness their drive and commitment towards business growth. Her objectives are to provide motivational frameworks, positive mindset tools, structured processes and neurology based solutions to create and leverage success. Habit change is a foundation of her work and has lots of fun doing it!  

Bringing a unique perspective on personal and professional growth, Linda helps people develop adaptable minds. This enables them to conceive a bigger picture and achieve the goals that are important to them. Linda’s coaching programs, workshops and presentations take a balanced and wholistic approach to growth by focusing on the individual’s unique neurology and introducing tools for change. With an emphasis on creating solid foundations for success Linda provides clients with inspiration, education, adaptable mindset, emotional tools and a powerful vision for their future. 

Linda has owned and run a multimodality health care practice in the SE suburbs of Melbourne for over 20 years.

Three insights into Linda:

# Originally from the Central Desert region of Australia, Linda has lived in many places across Australia and travelled throughout Asia. She moved to Melbourne in the early nineties for further study and has lived here ever since.

# Achievements include coaching and mentoring for over 20 years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a Graduate Diploma in Education (Health), has completed extensive study in psychosensory techniques and uses psychological principles to facilitate change.  Linda has owned and run a multimodality health care practice in the SE suburbs of Melbourne for over 20 years. She has the privilege of being the mother to 2 incredible human beings who make her proud every day and 2 fur children as well. 

# Her vision for the future is where ever there are people wanting to better understand themselves that is where I will be. I have noticed over the 20+ years I have spent in the coaching and personal development area that there is a new found interest in habit intervention technology, understanding motivation and it’s shadow sister procrastination and what it is that makes us tick. I find human behaviour endlessly fascinating and look forward to our transcendence through what has been a very selfish era into an era of greater compassion and support for others and our planet. 

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