Paper vs electronic diary/planner

by Ildi Racz

Every year at the end of the year I have this struggle… Do I go electronic this year or stick with the good old paper diary/planner. Well, let’s stick to planners as name, some of you know why I like using planners versus diaries.

Some, while reading will straight grunt and think yes, of course! You have a paper planner based business, why would you have the struggle?!

Actually, I do. Not everyone knows, but I used to be a fighter for electronic device usage, but well, let’s say things change with age.

But, this year, while researching all the awesome tools available on the market, my heart skipped a beat! Yes, it did!!! Though I hate naming brands because I believe the decision between electronic versus paper is deeper than brands, while at one of my favorite stationery shops, Milgram, I found a glimpse of future! A paper notebook with a special pen and a connecting app that transfers notes as written onto a DEVICE! I had a love at first sight moment and promise, I will research more, and write a bit more in a future blog post.

Trust me, the price tag was one of the stopping reasons, but surprisingly it is not as bad as you would think.

The reality though brought me back to the good old question, but now I think the answer to it is just a tad closer:

Electronic or Paper Planner for 2018?

To be honest, it doesn’t matter as long as your choice is used proactively as a planner. But, here are some pro and cons on both and hopefully it will help you make the right decision for you! Because it is all about what works for you.

Electronic planner


·       Great communication between all devices in a workplace/family

·       Easy entry addition

·       Even easier adjustment or rescheduling

·       Alarms for upcoming appointments

·       Small and convenient

·       Easy access



·       The battery dies at the most inconvenient moments

·       A single mistake can cause data to be lost forever

·       Small screens are not ideal for planning, sitting in front of a big screen is not always possible

·       You become reactive to alarms which can lead to poor planning

·       Sensitive or private information can be stolen, leaked, or hacked easier

·       Even the simplest system can involve lots of unnecessary clicking, eating up time


Paper planner


·       There is a lot of research discussing the benefits of putting pen to paper and how that affects our brain and how we remember things helping with being proactive instead of reactive.

·       You can be practical or artsy the freedom to love and own the tool is yours.

·       Choosing the right version for you can have a lot of different information married on one page, from to do’s to notes or goals.

·       Easy access to information even when you are offline

·       As big as you like from phone size to wall size depending on your needs.

·       Easy and quick data entry


·       Heavy and big

·       Adjusting and rescheduling can be a pain (kind of… erasable pens exist already)

·       No alarms for appointments

·       No automatic communication with other planners in work or home environment

·       No backup, once you lose a planner, it’s gone


For me, this year the truth seems to lie somewhere between the two. I want to have the convenience of an electronic diary with alarms not to forget appointments, and I also want the commodity and benefits of a paper planner to build a successful business with notes, to do lists, goals, week to page view and other features.

What about you?

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