Story-selling: Your Truth is your Value – Meet Our August Guest Speaker

Our Women Making It Work Networking Night series in 2020 is all about you.


For our August event in our series, Story-selling – Your Truth is your Value, Jo Johnson will demonstrate how to take the ancient art of storytelling out of the bar and into the boardroom and beyond!

Meet our compelling guest speaker in August, Jo Johnson.

Jo Johnson

Jo is a coastal dwelling, cat-loving kind of coach. She’s been a word-nerd her entire life and a business babe for half of it.  Her online passion began with shoe-shopping but quickly morphed into marketing and content.  She has a big-brand corporate pedigree (Country Road,, TMP Worldwide), but her buzz now comes from helping motivated small business owners to grow through the art of storytelling.  

 Jo understands the frustrations people have with marketing themselves and their services: clarity of message is often elusive; overwhelm and comparisonitis are rife; and creativity and freedom is stifled. She also knows that when you trust your unique voice and share it wisely, that the marketing stops feeling ‘hard’ and the right clients start to ask you for an invoice.  

Through coaching and content marketing services, Jo helps create words that connect, compel and convert.  

Jo’s values are freedom, flexibility and fun.  These things permeate everything she does. 

Insights into Jo:

# Jo has over 25 years business experience, in marketing, communications and business development, working in both large global corporates, online startups and small business.  She is a huge believer in being brave in business, thinking differently and not letting perfection get in the way of progress.  Jo has a masters graduate in Virtual Communication, and undergrad degrees in English Lit and Proofing and Editing. SHE LOVES language and has always been a word-nerd.  

# Jo has won numerous sales and achievement awards at her last job at as Sales Manager and Global Editor.  Since running her own business almost 10 years ago she has been runner up in the Soar Awards twice, and the National Business Brilliance Awards. Jo has published two books, launched 3 programs and run 7 retreats, locally and overseas. She has been interviewed on a number of US and Australian podcasts and spoken on many stages. Most recently she was asked to facilitate at the Ultimate Girls Week Away with guest speaker Elizabeth Gilbert.  

# Her vision for the future, after she realised a while back that whilst she teaches people how to write and market their business more effectively, that process is really only the vehicle to a greater purpose.  What SHE REALLY does is help people build lives where they are unapologetic and free to earn whatever they choose, have the flexibility to work the hours and conduct their business in any way they want, and have the confidence to freely express and create whatever their heart desires.

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